How many

never-again-imageHow many lives have to be lost for you to say enough? How many drops of blood do you need to see splattered on the ground for you to see that its enough? How many children have to walk out for there safety to see that its not right? How many bombs blasted? Children plastered face up on a wall so high? How do you know it’s enough.

The World is Falling


Our world around us, it is falling the way that we see it now it will change. The people are changing. The world it is falling, it’s falling so fast that we can’t stop it. The world is falling; we are falling into the hands of one another, the world is falling. Like chicken little said the sky is falling, the world is falling, we are falling. The hands of the masters are there to comfort us, but there to destroy. The hands that we see as the comforter are also the hands of the ones who are ripping the earth into two. We are dying. We are lying. We are timing when the earth is going to fall.